Welcome Pink Skies to the HW&W family

A lot of people are going to say we came out of left field with this one.. but even your favorite producers on the team been asking for us to step outside the box a bit. Pink Skies is an Oakland native who is chill as fuck and makes cool, wavey, psych rock that we think is super rad. He only has a few songs out at the moment but the EP is coming very, very soon..


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It’s crazy to think that when we first got put on to TEK.LUN he was 17 years old. Now at 24 the Baltimore native has been living in Los Angeles for the past two years and has been quietly working on new material. ALLOW IT! is a collection of tracks from 2015-2017 that we all think is his best work to date. Anyone who is a fan of Tek knows, the kid has range. To get all of these together are special and we’re honored to share it with everybody here.


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